6 Reasons to Hire a Virtual Assistant

Outsourcing work is a big part of small and medium enterprises. There is something to be said about recognising your own shortcomings in business and utilising the best person available to fill those shortfalls. However, the idea of outsourcing your administration is still considered an unusual offering. Especially when that work is done remotely. It’s a big step to hand over work to someone outside of the company but in this list, we’ll discuss the difference getting a virtual assistant (VA) can make.

Having a VA means having the security of professional help

VA’s are trained in many areas – including human resources, data input, recruitment, transcription and many more aspects of administration. Having someone at the end of the phone who knows their ‘stuff’ can be invaluable.

headlessSave on in-house costs

You don’t need to expand your office or buy any new equipment to cover a new employee. Virtual assistants come with their own space and everything they need to get started.

Freelancers manage their own hours, holidays and benefits

Since most virtual assistants are freelancers, you and your business won’t have to fork out for the usual benefits that come in place with hiring a member of your in-house team. They also tend to be more flexible than most employees, as they can work at any time to suit you, by prior arrangement of course!

You are under no obligation to maintain a working relationship

If the working relationship with your virtual assistant is not to your liking, you are always welcome to end the working relationship and try another VA. Of course, you will always need to adhere to any contracts and being professional is always best practice. We all understand that sometimes having the ability to walk away takes away the stress of hiring and gives you the confidence to hire others.

A VA rarely needs management

Since the majority of VA’s are handling a business of their own, you know they are already organised and motivated. They work on their own initiative and have lots of experience in managing others. All of these skills make for a great assistant with little management necessary!

Increase your own productivity

Having someone to do the ‘fiddly’ parts of your work means that you have more free time to cover your own priorities. Reducing your own workload and knowing that your work is in the hands of a professional means your own work-life balance is improved.

Hiring a virtual assistant can be the simplest solution to a complex problem. Working with professionals who are already well-trained and experienced, in either the short or long-term, can mean the difference between growth or stagnation in business. And of course, having the invaluable input of a knowledgeable freelancer allows the business owner to get back to what they do best- bringing in the business!