Apr Blog Top Tips for hiring a VA

6 Things to Look for When Hiring a VA

Most business owners need support, but finding the right person can take some time and this can often hold us back. One common problem is that we’re not really sure what we’re looking for.

You know you need help if you want to grow and expand your business. However, you haven’t had the time to think about what that help might look like.

So you’ve decided to employ a virtual assistant, but what’s next?

We’ve put together our 6 top tips to look for in a virtual assistant to help you start your search.

1. Check experience?

The more time you have to spend micromanaging, the less productive you’ll be.

Invest in a VA with comprehensive all-round experience (or someone who specialises in the type of support you’re looking for), and you’ll be off to a strong start.

Review testimonials, speak to past/current clients, interview the VA about their knowledge and skills. Trust your instincts – do you feel confident they’re up to scratch?

2. Are they capable of adapting quickly?

You’ll need someone who reacts well to change if you want to progress. Learning to manage change comes with experience. Those who do it well have developed processes and organisation strategies that help them cope.

Having a can-do attitude is a must but your VA should also be able to manage your expectations around how quickly things can be achieved. It’s unrealistic to expect miracles overnight, but a little progress each day will soon add up.

Have a trial period before committing. Do they have a realistic sense of what they can accomplish, or are they people-pleasing?

3. Communication skills are key

Finding an all-round communicator is vital for any business to operate productively.

Whether you require face to face meetings, weekly video calls, written updates, interacting with your clients, or sending emails on the business’s behalf.

A skilled VA is someone who isn’t afraid to ask questions or challenge things. However, most importantly they can communicate well at all levels of your business. Your VA should respect and adhere to your brand values.

4. Are they reliable?

You’ve made the commitment and now it’s crunch time.

A virtual assistant who takes themselves seriously understands how important it is for business owners to have someone they can count on. Their clients depend on them and their reputation is built on positive reviews.

It’s essential to run a trial period – don’t commit long-term until you’ve built trust.

Prior to making any rash decisions, try to understand their point of view if things begin to slip.

5. Do they take data protection seriously?

Finding a VA who’s registered under the ICO (Information Commissioners Office) for Data Protection will give you the peace of mind you need knowing they take it seriously.

Make sure they are registered and ask them about their responsibilities and processes. Do they know how to handle personal data securely?

It’s your responsibility to protect your business’s data. Be clear with your VA about your own processes, and make sure they understand what you expect from them when handling sensitive information.

6. Being proactive?

One of the qualities that separates a great VA from a good one is that they’re always thinking ahead.

When your virtual assistant works proactively to anticipate your needs and seek out creative solutions, you’ve got more than an assistant; you’ve got a teammate.

Someone who’s proactive will save you time, money, and stress.

Follow these tips to choose the right VA.

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