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Is Your Business Card Outdated? Things to Avoid

Business cards are often the first point of contact for potential clients and therefore need to create the right impression. Like a website, a business card can tell a lot about the type of business you operate, but it can also tell a lot about you. To help you avoid common card creation mistakes, we’ve identified common misconceptions.   

#1 Absent name

The inability to address you certainly makes for a bad first impression and an awkward start to any conversation.

#2 A long email address

There is a great deal of room for error when reciting, copying, or remembering this information. Emails should be punchy, but make sure they are easy to recall.

#3 No email address at all

Some cards will cite a professional website address but no email address, resulting in users having to search the website for an email address. There is no doubt that this is one of the most fundamental mistakes of our digital age. A free Gmail address is unacceptable, but not providing an email is worse.  If you want to be taken seriously, however, a professional email address is advised.

#4 A wafer-thin card

Your card says a lot about your business. The cost of having a business card printed by a professional is an expense, but an unprofessional card will cost you in other ways. 

#5 No contact number

Usually, we want to reach someone immediately, so your mobile number and office number should appear on your card, and all numbers should be diverted to a contactable device.

Physical Business Card or Virtual QR code?

In this technological age, many people have questioned whether a physical business card is still necessary. There is no doubt that the answer is yes. Virtual business cards are great, but having physical cards to distribute is still important.

Lack of information or poor design are some of the most common business card mistakes. Business cards don’t always have to be expensive, but they do need to convey the right message.