October Blog What is a VA

What is a Virtual Assistant and how does it work? 

Want to hire virtual assistant services but are not sure what is involved or how it works? It’s a lot easier for you than you might think… 

Running any business is rewarding but it is extremely hard work, at times, challenging and on occasion, overwhelming.  It is true that the benefits outweigh the difficulties when running your own business, but bringing on help can help alleviate your stress and help you prioritise your workload while giving you back some quality time. 

Hiring a VA begins with identifying where you need help.  Getting help early on may seem daunting, but it will give you valuable time to focus on other important tasks so you can scale up later.  We’ve outlined the steps you can follow to make outsourcing your work easier and less intimidating. 

So you’ve taken the first steps and made the sensible choice to delegate some tasks. Get in touch with us by email or by phone.  You can then schedule a discovery call with us so we can discuss which services will be most beneficial to your business, brand, and goals. You should be able to complete this part of the process in 20-30 minutes at most.  Communication is the cornerstone of virtual support and is valued above all else.  Having this information will enable us to design a plan that works within your budget, meets your long-term and short-term needs, and is tailored around your goals.Providing this information will help us lay the groundwork for helping you find the right virtual support services.  

Our team will ask for a more detailed onboarding chat with your assigned associate once everyone is satisfied with the plan of action. Professionalism, competence, and skill are all hallmarks of all our highly experienced associates. We rank VAs based on the most important values to a long-term working relationship, such as skill-set, personality, time capacity and values.  

After establishing the specifics and the type of support you require, we will send you an outline proposal, along with our general terms and conditions, contract, new client onboarding form, an NDA (optional for extra security and reassurance) and our deposit invoice. This marks the beginning of your working relationship with a virtual assistant from Venice Virtual.  

Should you need any extra support or advice during the project, long or short term, we will schedule regular calls with you to discuss any queries or worries you may have and ensure you’re receiving the best service!

With Venice Virtual, outsourcing is completely professional, flexible and highly professional! We have seen some of our clients grow their business by 200% by outsourcing and reassigning tasks to us so they can focus more of their valuable time on other areas of their business, assisting with their marketing and budgeting plans, or providing valuable resources and business support. 

Whilst outsourcing work to a Virtual Assistant can be a bold, scary step for many, we hope this breakdown simplifies the process and gives a little bit of insight into our operations. 

Our takeaways from this are:

1. Communication is vital with our clients, we value transparency and boast fast response times. 
2. Your goals are also our goals. Our virtual assistants share your objectives to ensure we are working in your best interests. 
3. Its important to understand and work within realistic expectations for your virtual assistant, we strive for perfection but perfection takes time and effort. 
4. It takes between 4 to 6 weeks to fully trust and offload the tasks as well as find a routine. Just like taking on a new employee, you have to be patient in building a relationship.