Working from Home Becoming an Extra Chore

For many, working from home is the present reality and while swapping heels for slippers is also the future, it could also be creating deep-rooted health concerns in the long term.

Many tech giants such as Facebook, Google, and Reddit offer remote working on a long-term basis. However, remote working may be detrimental to your mental health.

In light of the pandemic, the covid restrictions have provided us with the much-needed boost we’ve all been seeking. Avoiding the daily commute, being able to juggle work-life responsibilities, having more personal time and time for family, reducing travel costs, and possibly a better work-life balance… However, working from home for extended periods of time can pose many challenges. It can be difficult and impractical at best and very isolating and lonely at worst.

Our remote team’s mental wellbeing is a very real and immediate concern, regardless of whether they are suffering from stress, depression, anxiety, loneliness, or a combination of these things.

Here are five ways to support your colleagues and ourselves when working from home.

1.      Keep Lines of Communication Open

Businesses are now geared up to promote agile working with resources to support 24/7 communication. Open lines of communication often centre around the delivery of work and teams are now pressured into being constantly available and encouraged by managers to be instantaneously responsive to their clients. Likewise, opening lines of communication specifically for mental health should be a priority for their own staff.

A forward-looking business will implement strategies designed to promote good mental health and ensure that its members are comfortable speaking with someone if and when necessary.

2.      Put Emphasis on Teamwork and Give More Praise

Depending on your business, some areas may function independently. Occasionally, they must collaborate to accelerate business growth.

A culture of open communication ensures that everyone knows where each other stands. In addition to being inspired by others’ successes, people can also learn from their mistakes.

And, most importantly, they can work together towards the same company goals.

When you are working independently from home, it is very easy to feel underappreciated or undervalued.

One reason for this is that we get less feedback. This lack of perceived appreciation for our work may also increase feelings of seclusion. It has never been more imperative to look out for the positive things our staff and colleagues are doing and mention this to them individually and as a group.

3.      Remind Teams to Take Regular Breaks

Many business owners are guilty of working solidly through the day, but did you know that neglecting to take breaks damages your productivity? If you struggle to remember when to press pause, try setting a timer on your laptop to remind you to take a break every hour. Stepping outside for just five minutes can help to refresh your brain and give you a new perspective.

4.     Encourage Exercise

Regular exercise is an incredibly effective stress buster. Exercise releases endorphins which help to combat stress and fatigue. Better still, exercise improves cognitive function, strengthening your memory and sharpening your focus. This means that exercise can result in a boost in productivity, which may further reduce your stress levels. Essentially, it kicks off a positive cycle that can really make a difference when it comes to keeping stress under control.

5.     Hold Regular One-to-One Manager Meetings

One-to-one meetings give leaders the opportunity to ask how team members are coping while working from home. This can be used to assess current work progress as well as any other pending work or personal issues.

If the only contact between us and our colleagues is a digital call, it is much more difficult for us to detect a decline in their mental health. The struggles we face are often difficult to comprehend without face-to-face interaction.

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