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5 Compelling Reasons to Trust Your Venice Virtual Assistant

When you embark on the journey of outsourcing tasks for your business, it’s only natural to have concerns about who you can trust. You’ve invested years in building your business, and the last thing you want is for someone to jeopardise your hard-earned reputation with a simple mistake. It’s akin to entrusting someone to care for your precious baby – absolute trust is non-negotiable!

To foster business growth, it’s imperative to relinquish certain tasks, allowing you to channel your focus on client attraction and revenue-generating responsibilities as the CEO of your enterprise.

In a solid foundation of trust, even your mistakes are understood, while in an environment of mistrust, your every word is scrutinised.

🎯 Selecting the Ideal Venice Virtual Assistant

Trusting your instincts plays a significant role when taking those initial steps to seek assistance. Reach out to fellow business owners for recommendations; referrals often provide a strong starting point.

🌐 Conduct Zoom or Teams interviews

If possible face-to-face meetings. We’ve learned that we can gauge a potential associate’s fit with Venice Virtual Services within the first 2-3 minutes of conversation.

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🔐 Access to Your Systems

Use a password manager system like LastPass to securely share access to your systems with your VA. This method eliminates the need to share actual passwords and ensures a seamless transition should you and your VA part ways.

📈 Start Small

Trust-building in any relationship is a gradual process. Ensure that your contract with your VA includes a confidentiality clause, keeping shared information confidential.

💼 We typically recommend to our new clients that we begin with one or two tasks. Once you are confident that we are managing these without your direct input, you can consider delegating additional responsibilities. This approach allows your to-do list to shrink – a definite win!

📋 Set Clear Expectations

Your clients may not be aware that you’ve started outsourcing parts of your business, so it’s crucial to ensure tasks are completed on time, in accordance with the brief, and in a professional manner.

💬 Clearly communicate any essential details to your VA – remember, we’re not mind readers, and we often juggle work for multiple clients with different deadlines.

📣 Good Communication Is Key!

Outstanding communication is pivotal to the success of your outsourcing journey. Establish the right communication tools that suit both you and your VA and set transparent expectations for all tasks. Effective communication strengthens your relationship and ensures error-free, timely task completion.

🤝 Make sure you have the appropriate communication tools in place, whether it’s Slack, a project management system like or Trello, or simply email. Your Virtual Assistant may also have specific guidelines for sending work their way. For example, we ask our clients not to send work via WhatsApp or social media DMs to prevent any oversights.