Communication is Key to Improved Productivity 

Fostering a culture of good communication within teams, departments and clients is imperative in running a successful company. It’s fair to say, communication allows people to work better together, resulting in improved productivity.

In a digital age that has also been fast-tracked by the pandemic, the emphasis on good communication couldn’t come at a better time. Finding good ways to communicate will enhance performance from workers, creating good relationships across the board, retaining staff loyalty and ultimately proving good for business.  Here are a few tips on how to keep those communication channels open.

Teamwork makes the Dreamwork 

It’s true to say, most organisations will have departments that run independently of each other but will often rely on one another at some point to operate successfully. Therefore, it is important to have a culture of open understanding between each other, working towards common business goals and working as a team.

Learning the roles of our colleagues within an organisation is key to aiding the company’s function and helping accelerate growth.

True to Transparency 

Companies need to practice transparency – what they offer their customers should also be adopted throughout their core business values. Therefore, transparency and honesty are seen as essential practices for workplace communication.

Delivering honest truthful feedback does not have to be harmful, far from it.  Finding a constructive way and offering solutions can boost morale, motivate teams and inspire others, this sets a good standard of work practice.

The clearer the message, the easier it is for people to distinguish what they need to do.

Feedback Works Both Ways 

When it comes to being productive, using feedback is important when making organisational or business improvements.  A big part of open communication in any organisation is to receive feedback on all levels and to listen to all sides.

Senior members of staff know how to communicate to their teams to ensure the best business operations.  However, in some cases, those who work in specific areas of the business may have more insight than those at the top, therefore it’s just as important to take note when feedback is given from those who are more hands-on.

Taking a more holistic approach to feedback will not only make people feel appreciated but will also encourage teams to work harder.  Without feedback, no one will ever know if they should change their approach.

Practicalities of Good Communication Channels 

Find a platform that delivers the best way to communicate with teams.  With varying work styles, it’s important to find one which suits the company and the team.  Something working well in one organisation may not work well in another and it is important to identify the best ways to share messages and to engage.

Investing in a platform or system dedicated to communication can prove invaluable, especially when breaking down barriers that hamper team interactions.

Do It Right 

Having good communication is paramount to building a successful business and it couldn’t be easier. Empowering staff with good communication skills will allow teams to work and feel better and ultimately boost productivity. A good manager will use communication to help align everyone with the business’ core values, bringing people together and emphasising clarity and honesty.