New to Working from Home?

If you are new to working from home, here’s what I’ve learned:

  1. 80% of communication really is non-verbal.  Turn on video during your conferencing calls.
  1. If you are working from home full time, you need to ensure your seat supports your posture and that you take regular breaks from your screen, even if it means just looking up from time to time.
  1. If your step count has dropped significantly, devise a regular way to keep moving.
  1. Take some time to just chat to someone in your household or grab a virtual coffee with a colleague or friend.  Remote working should not make you feel alone.
  1. Look at your diary and re-imagine how it could work, just switching to digital may not be the only answer.
  1. Dogs bark, kids cry – there are many distractions, we all have lives.  Make people comfortable with this, I have noticed a mild professional stigma.  Homeworking is cool, I’ve been doing it for years, you just have to stay motivated.

Anything to add?  Please add your comments below to get the conversation started.

As well as taking regular breaks why not try some of these exercises to keep your muscles and bones moving and your heart pumping throughout the day, at your own risk of course!