Discover How You Could Claw Back At Least 24 “Man-Hours” In A Working Week!

Virtual Office AssistWhat would an extra 24 working hours a week mean to your business? Without staying open longer or taking on extra staff.

Right now, your team could easily be “wasting” that much time carrying out tasks that are essential but not core to your business. Outsourcing those non-core tasks to a Virtual Assistant could give you an extra 24 hours each week to focus on what really matters to you.

Here’s how…

Social Media Management (5 hours per week)

There’s no denying the importance of social media in today’s tech-savvy marketplace. Increasing percentages of enquiries are coming through from “online” sources … and your reputation can be made or broken by how you engage with your social media audiences. But even an hour a day making sure your pages are in tip-top condition is time that you can’t spend closing sales. Outsourcing your social media management to real experts not only gives you back that time, but will almost certainly get you better results, too!

Conducting Research (8 hours per week)

Business research comes in many forms, from sourcing leads to identifying event venues. The one thing all research has in common is that it chews up your time! A great Virtual Assistant can handle all your research needs. They can do it faster (because it’s what they do) and there’s no distraction from your key business needs.

If you’d rather convert leads than Google them, a Virtual Assistant could be the perfect solution!

General Enquiry Response (5 hours per week)

Of course there will always be some enquiries that only you can handle … after all, you’re the expert! But what about all those “do you have a brochure?”, “do you stock…?”, “how do a find you?” general enquiries? They take up time that you could be devoting to more pressing matters. Getting a Virtual Assistant to handle the day-to-day questions buys you time … and of course a great VA will know when to transfer that hot lead straight through to you!

Data Entry (2 hours per week)

Databases are powerful tools that can help you keep track of everything from finance to customer interaction. But let’s be honest … keeping them up to date is a drag! So what you typically end up with is a semi-up-to-date pool of information. And that’s no use to you.

Virtual Assistants can help you bring your current databases right up to date, or even get you set up with a new system that will provide you with all the information you need, right at your fingertips. And like everything else a great VA does, it won’t take time out of your day!

Telecoms (4 hours per week)

Did you know that in a typical small to medium sized business, up to 4 hours a week are spent just answering the telephone and transferring calls? Imagine if you could have your telephones answered for you, with the calls routed straight to the person best equipped to deal with that particular enquiry. Or being able to jump into a team meeting knowing you won’t be interrupted by ringing phones. A Virtual Assistant can cover your phone lines, remotely, whenever you need it. They can provide a screening service to make sure the right calls go to the right people, or simply cover you when you don’t have enough hands to answer the phone yourself.

And there you have it…

That’s how easy it is to inject an extra 24 hours into your team’s working week. Simple, cost effective and available “on demand”, a great Virtual Assistant could have your business running smoother and leaner in next to no time.

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